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Deutsche Bank Campus in Frankfurt

Under the motto “Art works,” Deutsche Bank has provided access to contemporary art: with its collection at the workplace, in international exhibitions, at the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, and through targeted communications programs.

At the center of the bank’s art activities is the Deutsche Bank Collection. Founded in 1979, today it is one of the world’s most important collections of drawings and photographs since 1945. Art characterizes the bank’s business rooms in financial centers such as Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Milan, New York, and Zurich.

The art at Deutsche Bank “Campus” in Frankfurt is another highlight of the collection. The concept, developed expressly for the building, consistently pushes ahead the international at concept of the neighbouring Twin Towers of the Bank and concentrates on seven themes that are of artistic and social relevance and thus a mirror of contemporary life. The art at the Campus shows new ways of thinking, asks questions, drafts ideas for shaping our future, inspires, and opens up perspectives.


Address and contact

Deutsche Bank Campus
Mainzer Landstraße 11 - 17
60329 Frankfurt am Main

7 Levels – 7 Themes

My Metropolis – Art and Urbanism

Los Carpinteros (Marco Antonio Castillo / Dagoberto Rodríguez Sánchez), Edificio de Numero Dos, 2014

Level 1
Shifting Identities – Gender & Diversity

Jürgen Klauke, Eine Ewigkeit, ein Lächeln, 1973

Level 2
Cycles of Life – Nature & Sustainibility

Olaf Nicolai, Nach der Natur I, 1997

Level 3
Brave New World – Communications & New Technologies

Lux Lindner, Das Sprachvermögen des Orchesters, 2014

Level 4
The Future is now – Art & Utopia

Agathe Snow, Walls, 2010


Level 5
Taking a Stand – Engaged Art

Thabiso Sekgala, Second Transition, 2012

Level 6
Crossing Borders – Globalization & Migration

Zineb Sedira, Mother, Daughter and I, 2003

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