Jackson Pollock’s ”Mural”: Energy Made Visible

With “Mural” Jackson Pollock made art history. Now, an exhibition at the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle sheds light on the painting’s genesis and its influence on American painting. Yet Pollock wasn’t only interested in representing dynamism. His paintings were as he sais about “expressing his feelings” and his “inner world.”

Judge for yourself and marvel at the gand scale painting along with more than 40 works by his contemporaries.

Deutsche Bank KunstHalle


Art in the Towers
Deutsche Bank Collection at Frankfurt

The heart of Deutsche Bank’s global art activities beats in the Bank’s Group Head Office. Each floor of the towers is devoted to one artist –around 100 international positions from more than 40 countries are on.
The selection of current works on paper and photographs invites the viewer to embark a journey of discovery of global art.
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The art magazine

Let the Music Play! Why do art and music love each other? Xaviera Simmons, René Block & Wolfgang Müller about the Sound from Berlin. How Jackson Pollock’s “Mural” revolutionized art with dynamism and how sounds inspire.

Also featured in this ninth print issue: Find answers to this and other questions around the International Pop exhibition in the Dallas Museum of Art.

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