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Vochol: Art on Wheels

January 8-30, 2013 │ Frankfurt

Deutsche Bank supports the world tour of the Vochol, a VW beetle which was designed by the Mexican ethnic group of the Huichol. The colorful cult car is on view at the ArtSpace of the Deutsche Bank Towers in Frankfurt.

Two million glass beads, sixteen kilograms of resin, fabric, paint, yarn, and nine thousand work hours were needed to transform a VW Beetle into the Vochol  – a colorful work of art. Eight Huichol artisans from Mexico decorated the cult car, which is called “vocho” in common Mexican parlance, with traditional beadwork.

The finely detailed work suffuses the body, seats, rims, steering wheel, and dashboard of the car with the pictorial language characteristic of the Huichol people.

Vochol – ambassador of Mexican folk art

As a colorful ambassador of Mexican folk art and identity, the Vochol invites people to engage with the Huichol culture. The project, initiated by the Museo de Arte Popular de Mexico (MAP) and the Asociación de Amigos del MAP, is supported by Deutsche Bank. After the premiere in Mexico City, the Vochol will visit museums and partner companies around the world.

When the tour ends, the car will be sold in a charity auction and the proceeds will be used to help ensure that traditional Mexican folk art continues to thrive in the future.

Until January 30th 2013, the Vochol is on view in the entrance area of Deutsche Bank’s new ArtSpace located in the Frankfurt Group Head Office. Here Deutsche Bank will present extraordinary projects and works by artists from Germany and other countries.


Folk art meets Volkswagen: the Vochol (Photo: Alejandro Piedrabuena. Courtesy of the Museo de Arte Popular, Mexico City. © 2012)

Folk art meets Volkswagen: the Vochol (Photo: Alejandro Piedrabuena. Courtesy of the Museo de Arte Popular, Mexico City. © 2012)

Huichol – Folk art meets Volkswagen

Descendents of the Aztecs, the Huichol are one of the last indigenous tribes of Mexico. They widely live in isolation in the Sierra Madre Occidental in the Mexican highlands and mainly work as farmers. They call themselves Wirrá’ika – magicians or healers.

The Huichol have preserved their culture and customs up to the present day. Their centuries-old handicraft techniques, as well as their masks and rituals, reflect their spiritual identity and are rooted in a rich religious and cultural tradition.

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See more photos of the Vochol and a film that explains the culture and meaning of the motifs on ArtMag, Deutsche Bank’s online art magazine.

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