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Meet the Artist – Deutsche Bank Collection LIVE

The new talk series Deutsche Bank Collection Live – Meet the Artist creates lively and direct access to contemporary art, to its themes and discourses. Participants will have the opportunity to enter into exchange with artists of the collection. The following Meet the Artist events have been taken place so far.

What's on

PalaisPopulaire I March 8 – July 10, 2023

more Isaac Julien: PLAYTIME

Five years after the world has been convulsed by a global banking and financial crisis, Isaac Julien premiered his film Playtime to address an important question: can capital be rendered visible? The PalaisPopulaire and the Wemhöner Collection have joined forces to shed new light on Playtime from today’s perspective and to testify to the work’s topicality, as capital as a medium plays into almost all political, social and societal issues and influences the lives of nearly every human being on this planet.

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Art:LIVE is a broadcast and video program of accessible expert insights into recent developments in contemporary art and culture. It opens doors to inspiring spaces and important conversations, and offers exclusive access to artists, collectors, curators, and creatives in diverse fields.

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