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Meet the Artist – Deutsche Bank Collection LIVE

The new talk series Deutsche Bank Collection Live – Meet the Artist creates lively and direct access to contemporary art, to its themes and discourses. Participants will have the opportunity to enter into exchange with artists of the collection. The following Meet the Artist events have been taken place so far.

What's on

Palais Populaire I October 5 – February 27, 2022


Spanish female artists from 1960 until today

Curated by Lola Hinojosa Martínez, Head of Performing Arts and Intermedia Collection at Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid, the exhibition showcases a Spanish female avant-garde from 1960 to the present day that is still little known in Germany. It brings together women artists who, influenced by Constructivist traditions, Minimal Art, as well as conceptual and performance art, developed a formal language that was as reduced as it was associative. The works presented are at the interface between art, language, writing, and abstraction.

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Art:LIVE is a broadcast and video program of accessible expert insights into recent developments in contemporary art and culture. It opens doors to inspiring spaces and important conversations, and offers exclusive access to artists, collectors, curators, and creatives in diverse fields.

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